In addition to the regular tracks of technical presentations, the technical program will also feature several invited sessions. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to the followings:
(1) Advanced Mechatronics Devices

Robotics, Robot factory, Mobile Robots, Motion control, Intelligent Mechanism, Parallel Mechanisms in Machine Tools, Man-Machine Interfaces, Fluid Power Equipment

(2) Mechatronics Control      

Computer Vision and Recognition, Automated Navigation, Modeling, Tele-operation, Intelligent and Advanced Control, Adaptive Control, Artificial Intelligence, Vehicle Dynamics

(3) Sensors and Actuators         

Biosensors, Chemical Sensors, Physical Sensors, Remote Sensors, Actuators using Functional Fluid, SMA Actuators, Piezo-Electric Actuators, Electro-Static Actuators, Magneto-Strictive Actuators, Smart Materials and Structures.

(4) Micro/Nano-Manufacturing and MEMS/NEMS       

Micro and nano fabrication, Micro and Nano Sensors, Micro and Nano Actuators, Nanomaterials, Bio MEMS and Applications, Power MEMS, Nano Devices and NEMS

(5) Precision Measurement Technology             

Dimensional Measurement, Micro/Nano Measurement, Ultra High Precision Positioning, Optical and Laser Technology, Scanning Probe Microscopy Technology, Precision Instrumentation

(6) Precision Manufacturing Technology and Control               

Macro Machining, Precision Grinding, Precision Milling, Precision Turning, Precision Laser Machining, Ultrasonic Machining, Electric Spark Machining, Ultra Precision Servo Control System

(7) Production Systems         

Automation Science and Technology, Intelligent Machine Tools, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Agile Manufacturing, Production Planning and Control, Fault Monitoring & Diagnosis, e-Manufacturing, Remote Manufacturing with Internet, Free From Surface Machining

(8) Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technologies      

Sustainable Energy Resources, Energy Conversion Devices, Control Technologies

(9) Bioengineering and Mechatronics Applications in Life Sciences   

Biosensors, Biochip Manipulation, Human-Friendly Mechatronics, Human Adaptive Mechatronics, Life Cycle Design, Recycle Technology, Ecological Design and Production

(10) 3D Printing Technologies                         

Stereolithography, Fused deposition modeling (FDM), Selective laser sintering (SLS), Jet-based printing

(11) Mechatronics System for Medical/Welfare Technolgies     

Robotic Surgery, Rehabilitaion Systems, Power Assist Systems

(12) Human Resource Development and Engineering Education on Mechanical Engineering Technology

Strategy on Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Education, Computer-Aided Instruction, Education for creativity